Born in a refugee camp between Cambodia and Thailand, I moved with my family to Mississippi at the age of eight. Growing up, my identity was informed by my sense of belonging and not belonging to the southern culture in Mississippi. As my memories of my childhood on the Thai-Cambodia border become more and more faint as the years go by, the need to remember, to retrieve those childhood memories of a past life, has remained a constant drive in my work.
In my paintings and installations, I explore the poetics of intimate spaces and the idea of home. The subject of home is an abstract concept and the motivational force for my studio pursuits.
I make installations that convey themes of identity, memory and longing to transform and activate a room. I use acrylic paint, varnishes, resin, plaster and photographs as the structural realization for a subject as formless and transitory as memory. The concept of journey and memory are embedded in the current series of mixed media paintings – layered earthy, dark colored backgrounds with trees and foliage drawn using graphite with an overlay of concrete.
My work seeks to simulate the impermanence of memory, the fleetingness of its existence, in mixed media installations, creating structures that translate the mind’s formless but living past into physical material and sensation and transforming space that poetically simulates a timeless place for recollection and dreams.